I’m a maker of solutions in the sphere of design and technology. I’ve been called an architectural designer, a UX researcher, a design strategist, and an experiential creative producer (that one was a mouthful), but really I like to throw logic and aesthetics at the same set of problems and let clarity define the winner. And users. Users somehow always know best.

I love working on interdisciplinary teams of designers and engineers. Often I find myself being their translator, and I’m great at it. As a systems thinker, I apply design thinking and research into cohesive frameworks.

I work at Facebook.


  • I designed and oversaw construction for a makerspace where the room itself was made from the kit of parts housed inside the space.
  • I’ve overseen creative work from some top-notch design agencies. For one project I was implementing an experiential design space with a pretty amazing hardware team at one of the Big Three tech companies in the Bay Area.
  • I designed a packaging prototype whose off-kilter stackability actually functioned as a tool to show people how to use the product.
  • I wrote a manifesto for a technology product. My audience was internal facing: a team of engineers and marketers who needed a call-to-arms after a let down. It worked.
  • I’ve advised nearly every boss I’ve had on productivity in the workplace (not my job). I just really like well-oiled machines, both in literal and metaphorical forms.


PEOPLE HIRE ME TO UNTANGLE PROBLEMS and present them with creative, optimal solutions. When our time together is over they find I have:

  • Made them laugh at my really bad dad jokes
  • Contributed meaningful insights
  • Defined business opportunities
  • Laid the foundation for the development of innovative products, services and organizations
  • Supported primary and secondary research efforts

Brigette Borders 2018 — Chicago, IL